Am I missing something?

I am trying to setup a farm. I am running 3 hdds, 1 x 1TB SSD and 2 x 2TB HDD’s. I do see I’m online in the page. (RdtknCLVzFaJLPTqyD6sWCsVYpcx2GAhsUy7eCq1Z2k)
But I notice HRU and SRU are both 0/0. I’m guessing I’m messing up somewhere.
Also, how do I access the Farm Management page I see in other threads?
Sorry for the newbie questions. I can build a website but this thing is making me feel very dumb. LOL
Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance.

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OK, looks like disabling Raid + ACHI and changing it to just ACHI in the bios helped. My SRU is now 0/953 but my HRU is still 0/0. Is this something to be concerned about? My node ID changed which I assume happens every time you re-setup stuff.

First let me say I’m ignorant on the right answer.

I’m having a similar issue. I starting farming with a single SSD and single HDD. Mine were detected and appeared correctly after some setup issues. Been running no problems.
However this month I added another HDD but that one did not appear to be detected.
Because I’m actively farming I was going to wait until Aug before I shut it down to trouble shoot (I already had down time for July).
I believe the issue was with me not correctly formating the new HDD. I’m planning to boot it with USB and format the new HDD this weekend (I hope!)

In case this is your issue as well, I will be following a similar process *edit * in the Threefold 3node prepare section. I tried linking it but failed to do so correctly so I’m trying again

Good luck!

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