Advertising Our Project

I feel like we just need a tiny seed planted to really make this community grow. I’ve been listening to a podcast called “Self-hosted” and its actually quite good. I don’t know what they’re talking about half the time but its nice to drive to.

I think this podcast would be perfect for us to sponsor, the listeners are our exact target audience. These people are not only obsessed over building servers, many of then are cloud devs. If even one person starts contributing to the project, that would be a massive success.

They do have some very large sponsors such as Linode and Backblaze which might mean they are not looking for more. It also may mean it is quite expensive.

So, TF people, is this something that can happen? If it isn’t let me know and I will send a “boost” that will at least give us a shout out.


Good catch! I’ll reach out and see of there is a response to have us on the show.

Let us know what you hear back, brother. I think also @FLnelson is talking about us being a sponsor of the show, not just appearing on it. Either way, let’s see what the response is! And great catch, @FLnelson. :pray:t3: