About the Carbon Double Win category

Climate change is one of the biggest – if not the biggest – threats humanity is facing today. And the energy consumption of today’s Internet is increasingly adding to this threat.

The ThreeFold Grid is much more energy-efficient than the traditional Internet but it still emits carbon. With the carbon credit economy providing the opportunity for organizations and products to offset their carbon emissions, we decided to take action in the regeneration of our planet.

This category is focused on everything related to achieving the “carbon double win” for the ThreeFold Grid and generating planet-positive Internet capacity – from our VCC system to regenerative initiatives, impact partnerships and more!

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Also a great read for everyone interested in our plans for a regenerative Internet is this blog post! :seedling: :four_leaf_clover:

We also invite you all to share your ideas or suggestions for further planet-positive initiatives or potential partnerships in this category :handshake: :green_heart: