TFGrid power management feature for 3.9 [Closed]

Hi everyone, just spoke with @brandonpille and we are ready for implementation! We’ll need some support though from the Egypt team and they are off today (Friday) so the team will work on the implementation on Monday and we’ll be ready for testing! :clap:


How’s the testing looking?


Hi @colossus. We are testing the farmerbot on devnet. So far so good. We have found some bugs and were able to fix it. We also made a lot of improvements on how the farmerbot will be ran. To give you some insights you will be able to run the farmerbot with one docker-compose file. It will pull the required docker images and run everything for you. If all goes well we should be able to open it up for the community to test on Wednesday. :muscle:


A guide on: How to prepare your farm for the farmerbot with WOL

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