POLLS: Should We Lock Farming Rewards?

Locking should be voluntary and incentivized, not forced. It would be unreasonable to spend fiat to acquire hardware and pay electricity and not be able to sell the tokens to cover your time and expenses. Also I fear if a lock were implemented there would be massive sell pressure when that time period occurs.


Instead of being concerned about the selling pressure, it would be wiser to make sure the demand side grows…


I believe this is certainly what everyone wants, more buying pressure. The issue is if the network growth outpaces sales your MRR might drop drastically with no locking system in place at all. With a locking system we at least buy ourselves time for sales to happen. I’m not suggesting a full lock but likely 50% at most.

It doesn’t change the fact that there will be sell pressure after every unlock of the token. We just delaying the inevitable. What we need is more marketing threefold more than trying to make an artificial buy pressure.

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I think this is an instance where delaying the inevitable can be positive. If there’s more than a 50% increase in buying pressure prior to the unlock of 50% of the total then we’ve increased the overall value by delaying until the utilization exists.

It would be beneficial for the whole system to incentivize farmers to sell their own capacity to unlock their tokens faster as well. In my opinion this is the one thing that will keep the price from crashing as it seems to me it will be difficult to generate enough sales from the 3fold team exclusively, not that they aren’t great but ScPrime for example has a tremendous issue with utilization.

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We are in a special period where we are focusing on growing the number and size of TF farms while working on building use cases. So right now offer is bigger than demand but…

With the upcoming Uhuru release in June I think demand will grow a lot. This release is a game-changer and use cases will surely increase drastically then (NFA).

Overall, it’s great to see the discussion unfolding. Thanks for sharing your thoughts everyone!