Let's share our farming setup

Thanks for that note! I went with 8TB because i saw a large increase from 4 to 8TB, and also wanted to reserve hard drive bays.

Maybe there should be a larger delta to TFT payout from 5 to 8?

You are right that there is a large increase, but it’s not linear.

So, check for yourself with the simulator, the big chunk of increase if from 4000 to 4800 GB.

With your setup,

4000 GB --> 2600 TFT per month
4800 GB --> 3112 TFT per month
5000 GB --> 3122 TFT per month
8000 GB --> 3272 TFT per month

*Also, we must not forget that Zero-OS takes some resources. That’s why I said go with 5TB. It’s also good to check with your SSD if they say 5 TB on the specs, is it 5TB usable TB or the SSD takes some space by default to run. For example, 2TB is often 1.6TB is real world use.

This ratio is to optimized the 3nodes with potential Grid utilization.
So the compute units and in line with memory units.
It might change in the future if we find out be empirical means that it would be more useful.

The DAO will permit such modifications, with the content of the community.

Happy farming!

Good to know!

Yes iv been all over that calculator making my own spreadsheets!



You should share those spreadsheets!


I need the spreadsheet of the calculator so I can polish mine :). Any idea where I can get that

Hi @luccio. We had spread sheets in the past that we used to get farmers to “simulate” token rewards. This proved to be a hard task, because we don’t want multiple copies to be out there (versioning being a problem and having a lot of copies of the same thing is not very efficient). So we decided to go “simulator” and have an online version.

If you want to polish your spreadsheet I am happy to help you with that. The formulas are not that hard (see here: Token Lock and Farmers Building at Scale) and we can go through it together and make a community version (1 version, so you will have to maintain and version control it. - github?. :slight_smile:). Let me know what you want to do, here to help.

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Here are my nodes so far. Focusing on towers since a rack setup is not feasible due to my current location. Low noise level is important.

A very DIY tower put together from parts I had salvage and parts I got online.New and old.
2 x E5-2697 v2 (24c/48t)
8 x 32GB (256GB) ECC DDR3 RAM
1 x 2TB NVMe
2 x 1TB SSD
Total cost = 1500-2000$ with international shipping and taxes.

HP Z620
2 x E5-2680 V2 (20c/40t)
12 x 16GB (192GB) ECC DDR3 RAM
3 x 1TB SSD
Total cost = 1250$ with international shipping and taxes.

Dell OptiPlex 7020
1 x i5 (4c/4t)
4 x 8GB (32GB) DDR3 RAM
1 x 1TB SSD
Total cost = ~100$ for the SSD, was bored at work and salvaged everything else from the bin. Mainly for fun and testing.

Hopefully adding at least two more HP Z6xx or HP Z8xx towers in the coming weeks.


I have decided to add some larger nodes to my farm of M900 Tinys
HP Z620
2 x Xeon E5-2678 (32 threads)
12 x 16GB (192GB) ECC DDR3 RAM
2.66 TB SSD
92 Watts running headless mode.
Adding one more of these this coming week but may go for a third Z620.

easiest way to set up headless mode (without windows install)
go to Bios and select replicate setup
select “save to removable storage device”
it will save a text file to a memory stick “CPQSETUP.TXT”
open his text file with your favourte text editor and add a * infront of Enable under Headless Mode
now back in the bios go back to replicate setup and select “restore from removabe storage”


New to the community!

really love the goals and the work that’s being done here. Have a helium miner on my net already so this could eventually be a great combo. Brought two DIY nodes online in the last couple days. they definitely aren’t the fastest pieces of equipment around, but my network outshines the hardware.

Node 1: 2914
HP DL380 G7
2x E5-5650
24gb of ram
900 GB of raid 0 sas hdd
500gb of ssd
up to 10gbe networking.

Parts ordered but still waiting on
96gb of ram
2tb ssd
5x 1.2 tb sas HDD

Node 2:
Supermicro x10SLH-N6-ST031
e3-1225 v3
Intel QAT 8920 cryptographic co-processor
16 GB of ram
500 gb of ram

parts ordered but not arrived
2tb ssd
additional 16 gb of ram

Network wise I have a symmetrical gigabit fiber connection with sub 15 ms pings 5 public IPs, 3 of which are currently occupied by my user device router and the two active nodes. Both nodes have domains setup to redirect ipv4/ipv6. it was quite the experience getting to this point but satisfying to see it all working.

I also am hosting a yggdrasil node on the net that is peered with a public peer in all the major hot points, london, ny, dallas. It runs on a GL.Inet Beryl travel router flashed to vanilla openwrt.

side note, the 1 u case never has a top, that’s why things are individually cooled, the dl380 has a home in my network closet, the open top case mounts on the wall by the desk as a functional display piece. no it isn’t load, and yes its temp stay great :slight_smile:

IMG-4821 IMG-4992 IMG-5178 IMG-5180 426A3DDE-FCCE-4993-ABFB-E0D16F424ADC.PNG


Sharp looking Supermicro rig. Good to see we are starting to get some of the homelabber types in here.


Amazing! That’s very nice. I added this trick of yours in the upcoming FAQ. It will be added soon on the TF library.

There’s also a link to do the same thing with a Z600.

Thanks for sharing.

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Hey @parkers nice TF farm. Happy to have you here with us.

I know some people had trouble with 10GB nic card, good to know that it works for you!

Happy farming!

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My 10g nics are x540s they are stupid Reliable as far as compatability. The super micro box is an interesting project that’s just repurposed to the node currently. It has 6x on board 10g ports and it’s long term role will be to provide my wired network with 5g routing to match the newest Att speeds available. 6x10gbe in a project that cost sub 300$ isn’t half bad.

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R620 8x2.5 Chassis
2x E5-2697v2 12-Core 2.7Ghz CPU
24x 16G PC3-12800R 2Rx4 Ram (samsung brand)
1x H310 Raid Controller
1x Intel I350 4 Port Ethernet Daughterboard Card
1x Samsung qvo 870 4tb
1x Samsung qvo 870 1tb

Just set up my first DIY farmer!
(it’s currently running 2 x 4TB SSD drives, as I had them both here);
I ordered 5 of the setups above today, 2 more for myself and 3 for other IRL friends I’m helping get into TFT! When the parts arrive over the next two weeks or so, I can use one of these 4TB drives in another farmer setup and replace it with a 1TB drive. Semi useless there for now… I don’t mind tho…

Network Setup for now;
UDM pro
UDM 24 pro poe switch

I’m using this for my home network/security(access control)/CCTV setup.
It will suffice for now and suits my multi needs from the devices.
I plan to move everything (all my crypto stuff) offsite over the next couple of months; into my commercial property, So the network will be different when I move; This will stay my home one.

Everything is in a 32u rack at home; I will get some pics up soon once I tidy it up and some final pieces arrive. I hope to get 5 of these farmers up and running in this rack within a month! With plenty more to follow after that!


I am looking at also getting 2x 2.5" spinning HDD for the 2 front slots; I’m still waiting for pricing information and specifications back from the distributor; they won’t be that big in capacity, but at least long term, each node will have some spinning HDD space to go along with it. Once the vendor gives me pricing and info, I will add it to the list.

Feel free to contact me for anyone living in Australia or close by for vendor info. It’s the cheapest quote I could find and get when writing this for our region. Everything bar the SSDs come from the same vendor, making it very easy!


First machine up…

Dell R720 32 cores 96gb ram
4 tb western digital ssd
8 ports (just using 1)

I have two electricity supplies here each with 4kw solar installed some ten years ago. One has little base load so i am probably going to add a new socket in the cupboard. Its in a basement that sits at 20c regardless of outside temps.

Waiting on parts for the Dell 5810



Nice setup SSD is good. You would highly benefit from adding some more RAM up to 256 GB.

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An update on my current DIY nodes.

So I’ve always wanted to build a PC, so I decided to go for it, bought all second-hand parts, and connected it to the grid. Parts:

  • Motherboard: Biostar H310MHP
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-8400 - 6 cores
  • RAM: 2x Hyper FuryX 16 GB
  • SSD: Samsung QVO 870 1 TB

Also, found a good deal on an EliteDesk 800 G3 with i7-6700, 64 GB of RAM, and added a 1TB NVME SSD.

Nice 3node!

@randynho has a good point. Optimally you would reach 8gb of ram and 100gb ssd per one virtual core (thread/logical core)

Happy farming!

image image

The newest node, “endurance” 32 cores 100gb of ram

Drive configuration is

Array 1 raid 0
2x 600gb hp 10k sff sas 6gb/s

Array 2 raid 0
2 600gb hp 10k sff sas 6gb/s

Array 3 raid 0

3x 300gb hp 10k sff sas 6gb/s

Array 4
Cache ssd, 500gbs

I’m relatively sure my arrays are functioning properly, I’d love to see some read writes tests on the nodes arrays to verify it. If they are giant in should be able to able to out write my cache by miles utilizing the arrays concurrently.

Node 1 Got upgraded aswell with 7x 300gb 15k sas hp drives. But I’m waiting to wait reboot And initialize (fingers crossed the same things work) the second array until Monday when the ram for it and the other node will be delivered.


I have the 4 core but the 8 threads are not showing in the grid explorer. I have virtual tech enabled in bios. Any pointers ?