Let's share our farming setup

Yes, they are. The fans speed down after the booting sequence but they are still noisy. Even after a startup in cold cellar.
Seems like there is a “min fan speed”.

Would be great to share the BIOS configuration. I’ll make some pictures of mine tomorrow.

With 120 watts 24 hours a day it comes to 86 kWh/month. 86*0.29, about 25 pounds a month.
Did you calculated the delivery fee, and other fees as well or 0.29 is just the used kWh price?

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Thanks Pluto, no i havent calculated the other fees yet. We have a standard daily charge which i will add.

I totaly agree on that. These DELL R620 are insanely quiet in compare to HP or Supermicro serves. I also have now 6 of them in use. It’s like the sound of a tiny hairdriyer.

I really would like to know how those behave when utilization grows and they aren’t only in idle.

I booted Ubuntu on one of mine and started Folding@home with 40 Threads.
The fans speed up a bit after some minutes, but not really much. Nothing compared to the boot up fan speed up test.
It was just high CPU load, little RAM (less than 25 gb were used) and no SSD load.

Hey guys!

blood, sweat and tears were shed… but today we are proud to present our little farm
which is providing 352 vCores, 2816GB RAM and 47,8TB SSD to the TF-grid.

Never forget: all 3nodes are equal, and no 3node should be more equal than others!

With this in mind… we are looking forward to a bright future of the internet
…by the people… for the people!


Sorry for bad quality of the pic…it’s captured from a surveillance camera in nigthvision mode.
I forgot to take a photo.

Happy farming!



My system profile is set to “Performance per Watt (DAPC)”. I also have no PCIE cards installed.

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I hais a Bunker


Penultimate level on the right is the R720 with:

32 cores
256GB Ram
I believe this set up is somewhat in the correct proportions

Experimenting with automatic transfer switch. At $0.13 Kwh my monthly electricity cost for crypto alone is about $200/month mining eth/ton on GPU’s and XMR on the CPU’s. Just need to find the right solar panels to replace the cheapo ones I currently have running for testing purposes.


This HP will be noded in addtion to the R720 at some point. Just need to find a way to couple it to that sweet Buso V6 I have sitting beside it to get moar POWA.



I want to build a few of these. If you are willing could you advise how much each part should cost and where you bought everything. Do you recommend new or used parts for the build? As you can tell I’m a noob.

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At the moment you might have the best returns with used parts.
Just read a few posts before yours, me and other farmers posted configurations with prices. Also check the rewards simulator simulator.grid.tf to see what you can expect in return for your configuration.

Well, what is your budget? You might want to head over to the telegram channel as well.

Sure thing - I’m planning on building a few more of these guys so I can certainly help you buy them and assemble them.

Shoot me a DM or add me on Telegram and I’ll help you out directly.

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May I ask you where you’re from? I may could provide you with a pre-configured node.

HI @ryan. I have something brewing in the US with rural areas and schools. We need to talk at some point this week if you can make it. :rocket:

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Sounds great. Send me a DM or hit me up on telegram!

What has been your actual monthly USD profit of your three nodes and cost of electricity. I was thinking about copying you have happen to have 3 4tb hard drives sitting around. I noticed the build has a 200w psu.

Building out some monster machines for this project.

  • router - PFSense
  • switch - Cisco 3850 running routing
  • network configuration - PFSense running on a VM to the switch
  • pictures of your farms


Running R620s each with 8TB SSD, 384Gb Memory, and dual E5-2695’s for a total of 48 threads

Plan is to have 4 total to start, 1 is currently up and running, 2 more to follow in the next month or two and the last one will be soon after.


That’s an amazing farm! Great work.


Note that with this setup, 48 threads and 384GB of ram, the “optimal” SSD quantity is 4.8 TB (let’s say 5TB).

Per machine with 5Tb instead of 8Tb, you get 3122 TFT per month.
With 8Tb you get 3272 TFT per month.

All this to say, perhaps if you want to build more 3nodes in the future, you can put the extra 3TB SSD in another 3node.

Just some idea.

Your farm is already amazing anyway!

Thanks for that note! I went with 8TB because i saw a large increase from 4 to 8TB, and also wanted to reserve hard drive bays.

Maybe there should be a larger delta to TFT payout from 5 to 8?

You are right that there is a large increase, but it’s not linear.

So, check for yourself with the simulator, the big chunk of increase if from 4000 to 4800 GB.

With your setup,

4000 GB --> 2600 TFT per month
4800 GB --> 3112 TFT per month
5000 GB --> 3122 TFT per month
8000 GB --> 3272 TFT per month

*Also, we must not forget that Zero-OS takes some resources. That’s why I said go with 5TB. It’s also good to check with your SSD if they say 5 TB on the specs, is it 5TB usable TB or the SSD takes some space by default to run. For example, 2TB is often 1.6TB is real world use.

This ratio is to optimized the 3nodes with potential Grid utilization.
So the compute units and in line with memory units.
It might change in the future if we find out be empirical means that it would be more useful.

The DAO will permit such modifications, with the content of the community.

Happy farming!