GEP Unwanted Content Filtration Approach

Hello Everyone.

We have a heated discussion on how ThreeFold Community should handle unwanted content that could be hosted on ThreeFold Grid.

ThreeFold can take the model from example of adblocker apps blacklists.

  • Anyone can create an ads list and host it
  • User can choose what lists to follow or can create his own list.

In our case we can give ability for any person or organisation to create and host blacklist filters. There could be different rules how these filters are managed or how new entities are being added to the list. Governments can create their own lists and publish it for anyone to follow.

Farmers can select lists they want to follow and apply to their farms.

Such approach will create open and transparent approach that gives ability to completely stay on the legal side for farmers and at the same time to stay censorship-resistant for the network in general.

This is the initial proposal draft and I welcome anyone to discuss and improve it.
Thank you.

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Indeed, the discussion is heated! Tough questions being discussed, but it’s definitely necessary to have them.

Thanks for this proposition. Let’s see what the community thinks about it. It looks promising. I’d be curious to know if it passes all the legal requirements.

Let’s talk.

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What about my latest suggestion on the thread? Also, new around here… should I reply here with suggestions instead of the original thread?

I guess it makes sense to create a separate proposal or maybe ask Weynand to formulate it, and then it will be easier to compare

I’ll still need time to get familiar with the whole internals to be able to give a proper proposal which makes sense in terms of development. So either Weynard gives a proper proposal or I’ll do it after I get more familiar with the system.

Let us work together and create that proper proposal. I’ll take the first step to do so, you (all) can enhance and finalise it.

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I have a draft version ready and am checking technical viability. In the end we don’t want farmers to have to (auto) sign all contracts on their farms, this would create delays, overhead and potentially insecurities that we do not need. A simple method to stop having access to contracts might work as good as canceling them… more to come.