GEP Gold Certified Farming Specs (CLOSED)

I guess what we are trying to achieve here is to not have:

  • one farmer create a gazillion certified racks because she/he is well funded.
  • to have certified racks in close proximity.

The decentralisation notion needs to be retained, in farmer / owner as well as geography. For a recent personal project I have figured out that a reasonable (not a 100% accurate, but still reasonable) location assessment is: curl

For me this gives:

  "ip": "",
  "city": "Dubai",
  "region": "Dubai",
  "country": "AE",
  "loc": "25.0772,55.3093",
  "org": "AS5384 Emirates Telecommunications Corporation",
  "timezone": "Asia/Dubai",
  "readme": ""

And this is probably the location of the regional ISP pop. This is independent of number of people, population density, etc etc, but this could allow us to specific that “no more than x certified racks in a circle with a 1 (or more) miles radius around an existing one”. This way, anyone can claim their “circle” and it does keep the decentralisation spirit, in people and distribution.

Nerd approach: the approximate net surface areas of landmass in the world is approx. 148,300,000 sq km having the definition of 1 per 5-mile circle (50 square km patch) still allows for almost 3 million installations… :slight_smile:


Well… I hope that “initially” and “approved by DAO” means that we (community/DAO) will have to agree on other manufacturers apart from HPE and ThreeFold to be approved for use of Gold Certified Farming. I can’t see why serves from DELL, IBM, INTEL and others would’t keep up. I assume what is meant here is that any self put together serverlike hardware assemblies shall not be used for gold certified farming.

I mean the particular servers @FLnelson and I are going to use are pretty powerfull and even more reliable. Also they have a great balance in power consumption and heat emission to performance and redundance/reliability. We did performance and health tests on every maschine and have comparable data to similar HPE servers (which we also use) and there is nothing that wouldn’t keep up.

@kristof: Maybe you can give your thougths on this and help us clarifying.


I would say them getting them new from TF or HPE is the optimal setup, but as long as they meet some requirements (no older than Dell 12th Gen or HP 8th gen, etc, etc) they should be able to be certified by one of the approved certifiers as described in the other post.


We currently have 2 x 100MB connections. If usage increases I’m happy to upgrade them but ideally won’t add that additional expense until that is actually needed. Could we add some kind of usage trigger?

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I feel that IPv4 addresses are still some blocker to drive usage, do you have any already available on grid3 ?

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I could expand my public block and make some available, is there Anywhere that explains how I would configure them?

I’ve got 2.5 gigabit spread across 3 nodes.

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yes agree should indeed change this

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agree, we should come up with some certification process, will be for later will add this to the proposal


I’d add a requirement for gold certified, which is that these farmers run at least 1 TFChain / L1 validator node. After all, they have full interest in securing the network.


Will there also be lower tiers of certifications? I personally have high quality internet and equipment… but I wasn’t planning to put them in a high level tier datacenter…

Since the poll is approved now… what are the next steps here? pretty much can’t wait to apply.

Was planning on sending some units I was prepping tonight to my cabinet at my preferred DC, though have access to several. Bandwidth makes me laugh. I have a 40Gbps port. And blocks of IP’s are cheap, relatively, but not cheap enough to pay for themselves on three fold yet. But if my farming yields went up 50%, I can provide some IP’s….


After the informations about goldfarming are updated with the community feedback it still says initially HPE & ThreeFold when it comes to the recognized vendors. Please confirm, that’s this includes DELL as well…
Is there any time schedule about implementing goldfarming rewards into the grid and when to start the verification process?

He refers to HPE because there is some kind of memo between them to supply servers.

Now that voting is closed, will this GEP be implemented in time for minting June’s tokens?

I expect it will still take some time for certification process and all details to be worked out, probably not in time for June’s minting.

I’m in favor of not requiring farmers to hit bandwidth requirements upfront. This adds some complexity in terms of needing to monitor/enforce, however, and also needing to define what is the threshold.

Head to the farm management section of the portal, expand your farm, then expand public IPs section and hit Add IP. Specify addresses using CIDR format and add the gateway too. Thanks :+1:

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Hello i’m switching DC’s because my old dc doesn’t fulfill the requirements but i hope this one does!

My datacenter is called Serverius and is based in the Netherlands this is what they can do:
At least Two Internet Service Provider connections
5 Ipv4 adresses per node
2 switches per whole server chassis
1G up/down

  • ISO 27001 Certfied
  • NEN 7510 Certified


HPE Proliant DL360 Generation 9 SFF
Processor: 2x E5-2696v4 44C 88T
Memory: 704gb DDR4 22x 32gb 2400mHz PC4-17000P
1x Samsung 870 qvo 8TB SATA
1x Samsung 870 qvo 1TB SATA

I have 42 of these nodes, would like to support the community in as many ways as possible.

Total capacity 42 nodes: 3696vCPUs, 29568gb RAM, 378.000 GB SSD storage

  • 20 nodes have 16TB HDD storage so that brings total to 320.000 GB HDD storage

What are the other requirements about gold certifiacation.

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The specs for gold haven’t been nailed down yet, but 2 routers was mentioned above. Its unclear if he is referring to a high availability setup or not.

Yeah i wrote down 2 switches but i think he’s meaning the same, @kristof?

Hi - Love the fact that you have not chosen a datacenter in/around A’dam. Even though a small country there is so much more to the Netherlands!

With regards to the specs and requirements, I’ll reread the thread and sum it all up, and then close the thread (threads should not be open forever, no one can be created to augment the outcome of others). Then we have to find a way how we can “validate” a farm being gold spec’ed. Give me 24 hours to complete this :thinking:

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