Deployment interface issue

When trying to deploy a VM for one of our projects, I ran into the following usability issue:

In the current set-up I would have to go over the entire list of farm names to find a suitable Farm with public ipv4 nodes… I would expect that if I don’t select a farm, the system automatically suggests certain nodes.

This set-up is rather hostile towards developers.

Is this the intended behaviour of the interface or is this a functional bug?

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Hi @naiein. This is very helpfull input. Can you please open up a bug/featurer request here? We are always improving these interfaces.

You can also query the explorer and find the node you want by changing the search cirteria, or the API presented here. Also here feedback is welcome!

Happy coding!

Thank you, we are making a list of the issues we find during the process and will open up the respective bug/feature requests.

One more quick question:
We have secured a node and are trying to connect to it via ssh on the planetary network.
We are asked a password, however none of the naiein or nerian passwords give us access.
Which password is required here?
ssh nerian@302:bafb:81d:4e88:19a1:aaf9:c161:af8e

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Hi @naiein. There is no password… You probably have made a small mistake in putting your public ssh key in. Or did you not put any key in?


PLease check the key you provided for added spaces in the middle of the public key.

Indeed, we put our ssh key in:

Checked but there were no added spaces.


The other thing is: have you loaded your ssh key on your computer? For a linux machine you should do something like this:

➜  ~ ssh-add -L
The agent has no identities.
➜  ~ eval `ssh-agent -s`
Agent pid 5430
➜  ~ ssh-add $HOME/.ssh/id_rsa
Enter passphrase for /Users/johndoe/.ssh/id_rsa:
Identity added: /Users/johndoe/.ssh/id_rsa (johndoe@Johns-MacBook-Pro.local)
➜  ~ ssh-add -l
3072 SHA256:fdIcegE7r0TGcyuQhz7FSqFoSX1nNTYDyan856dwTs8 johndoe@Johns-MacBook-Pro.local (RSA)
➜  ~

3bot error

This seems to be tooling that is connected to TFGrid2 . Please try out the new tooling, on Playground . Have a look here to get started on TFGrid v3.

You should not be deploying a 3bot. Where did you find this info so it can be removed?

So where did the whole 3bot concept go?

The tooling above from phabthreefold which can also be found in this official threefold video from @weynandkuijpers is nowhere to be found: Deploying a Web Server on the ThreeFold Grid in Under 10 Minutes! - YouTube

It looks really sophisticated, it’s also shown in this video: Autonomous Internet Architecture - Kristof - YouTube

The concepts are very interesting but it looks like threefold is migrating to just deploying vm’s or am I missing something here?

Why is there no mention of the 3bot concepts on the main website?

Hello @toto. The 3bot concept is still there! It’s evolution has now made it to be a true twin that you do not even have to care for on install. Grid 3.0 is using polkadot substrate technology for the smart contract for IT and value transactions and when you get yourself a keypair on that framework (browser extension) you get a twin installed on the grid that is executing your code.


So it’s still there, just not highlighted as much as we did in version 2 of the technology. So it is sophisticated and it still is part of the tech suite.

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