Dedicated nodes on TFGrid testnet with GPU support (Q2)

reach out to me weynand I will be using this processing power and can help with making sure you address the questions many will ask before they get asked. i have been mining for 3 years and with all equipment running produce about 2 gigahash on the eth network at about 3.8 kilowatts

@KryoVs_Networks That’s a lot of questions to which I have little answers as this point in time. I’ll reach out to someone from the R&D team to have a look at your questions and see what is in the spec’s / requirements documents. Stay tuned, we’re on it but this is not all through out and documented yet.

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Very cool. I am looking forward to trying out this feature when it becomes available.

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Difficulty I see with GPUs is that overclocking, necessary to obtain optimal balance between power consumption and computing, is different for every usage (algorithm).

I also have a couple of mining rigs with in total 900 Mh/s mining Eth. I would not feel comfortable to stack a few 3080TIs in my HP Z840 workstations without able to control the heat, power, etc. Maybe if I could deploy the entire mining rig as a node, that would be different.

Interesting stuff though…

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thanks weynand i look forward to response