Announcement of TFGrid 3.0.0 A5

We are getting close to release our 3.0.0 A5 release of TFGrid


  • updated pricing structure
  • support for dedicated nodes
  • upgraded wallet for TFConnect (supports more blockchains at backend)
  • getbtc upgrade for FIAT (can buy TFT with credit card)
  • rest API to query our TFChain and send messages of Reliable Message Bus (see forum post here)
  • deployment of cosmos HUB (allow people to become L2 validator) (Rob/Thabet)
  • bridge between Binance & TFHUB (Rob/Thabet)
  • vlang based deployment (Maxim)
  • vlang based deployment of mattermost, discource, gittea (Maxim)
  • uhuru deployment on TFGrid (Jonas)


  • on devnet today
  • on testnet before end of month (March)
  • on mainnet in April (end April probably)

more info: github project plan

Notes for team

  • [ ] please add version of uhuru, check timing & how it will be deployed
  • [ ] please check for cosmos hub & the TFBridge (will it be done?)
  • [ ] please check when devnet updated & make sure manual has support for it