An idea for users TFT Grid

I have an idea for people which deploying Vm and other stuffs in TFT Grid. I think there should be email notification when there is lack of TFT tokens at wallet. Simple when you ran out of tokens you will lose all your VMs and so on. So a email when you have let’s say 200 or less/more tokens should remind you that you should buy some more.
What do you think guys ?

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Good idea! Could be an email or even something else!

I happened to notice recently that @dylanv has been working on a tool that provides a notice over Telegram when a wallet goes low. You’d need to run this code on your own somewhere. I had the thought to offer a public bot like my node status bot with this functionality. A great initiative for someone from the community to pick up :wink:


Bot telegram is ok i think but well not everyone uses it (especialy if we look globaly all around the world ). Notification via threefold app is good option too but again - if there will be ppl which arent farmers not everyone can have it.

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Having this alarm by email is definitely a good idea. Big discussions around what happens when we run out of TFT on the Grid are being discussed on the Forum.

Clearly this could be a good (temporary) solution if we ever find an even better method later on. (See linked discussion for nuances and details.)

Great discussion.