3node marketplace.... how do we further decentralize?

" hardware is locked and you cannot boot a different OS to “inspect” the data stored on the physical disks (even though with Quantum Safe Storage this would bring you nothing)."

I’m curious from a security perspective. :slightly_smiling_face: Why lock the hardware from booting anything else if inspecting the disks would bring us nothing anyway? (I’m not a big fan of locked hardware)

it would be cool to see hardware that has a lock, but can be unlocked. Say i buy a certified node i wouldnt want it to be useless if i uprgrade in a few years. most of my stuff goes through a few different “lifes” before it gets old enough to not bet of use.

And we’re on a sustainability mission, planet first, people second and profit third. Be assured that we will not allow equipment to have a second, third or fourth life.

BTW with locked down we mean we lock the boot mechanism to a signed version of Zero-OS only. This gets you the 25% increase in TFT farming rewards, as it is a secured and controlled version of Zero-OS (controlled by foundation today, DAO very soon).

With regards to how to do that, no idea at this point in time. There are security considerations (for the rest of the grid when you “un-certify” certain hardware that some smart cookies need to consider, but we will get there.