Zoom went down today ... Clarifying outages on TF Grid vs outages on current Internet

I saw that Zoom went down today and honestly it happens all the time across the Internet. I just want to make sure I have the correct understanding of how the ThreeFold Grid is or will be less affected by outages than the current Internet.

My understanding is that on the grid, nodes or farms can go down but then only the solutions hosted on those nodes would be affected, rather than a widespread outage. So that’s unique.

As far as I know, we either do have or will have a mechanism that, if the node or farm I were using to run my video chart solution did go down, it would be possible to re-deploy elsewhere. Is that true?

Because with Zoom, as an example, we’re jailed and have no recourse other than to wait it out until the service comes back online.

Am I missing anything?

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