Zonaris - decentralised node as a service on ThreeFold

zonaris - a pure and truly decentralised alternative for hosting blockchain nodes.

zonaris is a decentralised blockchain node hosting solution or nodes-as-a-services product built on the ThreeFold Grid. The product aims to decentralise blockchain nodes using ThreeFold infrastructure and enables users to deploy nodes in one-click, without code or hassle.

We’ve now surpassed over 100 users, 1100 hosted nodes, and a $500,000+ value of Streamr tokens staked to our hosted nodes. These numbers are extremely exciting and highlight our progress in 2022 as well as increased utilisation of the ThreeFold Grid…

After reaching this landmark, we come into 2023 with even bigger expectations and plan to acquire thousands of users. While we remain focused on Streamr, we are now expanding our offering in order to support a second blockchain, and then a third until we cover dozens of blockchain projects.

“You’re not decentralised if you just spin up servers with uncle Jeff.”

The majority of blockchain nodes are centralised and run on the big cloud hosting providers (AWS, Linux, DigitalOcean). The most prominent example of this is Ethereum. Data from Ethernodes (Ethereum network & node explorer) highlights that 70.5% of Ethereum nodes are running on centralised cloud providers and around 25% of nodes are running on AWS reported by Chainstack. This has been labelled as “the race to replace Ethereum’s most centralised layer.” We would like to be involved in this race and ThreeFold is key to help decentralise large networks such as Ethereum. This data goes against the very core principles and undercuts a central plank of blockchain, namely, decentralisation.

Due to the zonaris product growth, we are burning through a lot of TFT and therefore would like to apply for the zonaris solution provider program.



If there’s one project that would make a great first solution provider, it is Zonaris!


Hi, we just launched a DAO proposal to approve Zonaris to be a solution provider on chain.


Agree, Zonaris is an excellent use case for the grid and actually already providing good utilization! Voted.

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What will happen when zonaris will become a solution provider?

They will be able to get TFT rewards from utilization, as part of the proof-of-utilization distribution:


How does Proof-of-Utilization work? How is the Threefold Token (TFT) distributed when there is utilization on the Threefold Grid?

Here are the general steps of the Proof-of-Utilization process:

  1. A user reserves Internet capacity on a given set of 3Nodes.
  2. Zero-OS records the reserved and used CU, SU, NU and IPAddresses in correlation with TFChain records.
  3. The TFChain DAO will charge the costs to the user in line with discount mechanism.
  4. TFT from the user account are burned/distributed in line to table below.

When people spend Threefold Tokens on the Threefold Grid for any kind of deployment, the TFT is distributed as per the Proof-of-Utilization distribution flow.

The Proof-of-Utilization distribution flow is the following:

  • 50% goes to solution providers and sales channels*
  • 35% goes to TFT burning
  • 10% goes to the Threefold Foundation
  • 5% goes to the Validator Staking Pool

To see the Proof-of-Utilization distribution flow chart, check this link.

*Note: For billing purposes, ThreeFold DAO will check if the workload comes from a known sales channel and/or solution provider. If yes, then the billing smart contract code will know how to distribute the TFTs. If the sales channel and/or solution provider is not known, then the 50% will go to a DAO owned Community Grant Wallet.

where do we vote for this proposal ?

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dont worry i found it

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Good to know you found where to vote.

In case others wonder how to vote, go to the https://dashboard.grid.tf/ and go to the Portal --> DAO section:

Screen Shot 2023-02-21 at 1.01.10 PM

Then simply choose the DAO proposal you want to vote on.
Note that you need a farm with at least one active 3node to vote!