ZeroOS hardware requirements

What are the essential hardware requirements for ZeroOS to run on a particular machine.
I am exploring avenues where zero OS can be deployed on embedded systems, FPGAs and micro computers eg. RaspBerry Pi etc. to come up with edge specific coupled hardware+software application solutions.
Is there a datasheet (or) hardware spec I could follow ?


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Dear @manishautomatic thank you for the questions and I will get somebody who has the knowledge to answer you asap. Happy Monday and productive week ahead! :slight_smile: :smiley:

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ZeroOS as a whole is ‘just’ a linux kernel, and a bunch of Go and Rust programs. In essence, given enough memory and some CPU capacity (an RPI4 with 4G would be workable, I think), it shouldn’t be too hard to port ZOS to other platforms, if the need should arise and/or we have the resources to do it.
OTOH, you’re more than welcome to wet your appetite and start porting yourself, I suspect that 99% of the existing code wil ‘just’ compile properly for other platforms, and if you’d hit roadblocks… heh… we’re here to help, but right now, we ourselves have no immediate drive to work on such a port.
Also, what the HW requirements would be for embedded and small platforms, I can but share my gutfeeling that non-64 bit platforms would be a non-starter, leaving not a lot of options in that space.