Zero OS boot stuck in "Initializing network Devices" (Resolved)

Hello everyone,

I’ve been running my threefold node for about two weeks, but today I had to relocate the computer to a different part of the house. I started to repeat the previous process of booing via EFI IMG (USB) the 1st option on The USB is being recognized and it proceeds to boot but only gets to “Initializing network devices”. I tried several times more, changing Cat 5 ports, changing USBs, reflashing the EFI file, but I keep on running into the same problem.

I then looked at the other options but, I don’t have a CD/DVD rom, or the expertise w/scripts, and GRUB, SYSLINUX.

Any thoughts on how I can proceed past this? Any ideas on what may of caused it?
It is interesting since I was able to get get a successful boot two weeks ago.

I appreciate any thoughts.


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Does it stay on initializing or does it eventually report that it couldn’t find a nic and tell you it’s rebooting in 20 seconds?

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Did you change the network cable when you changed the node location? If so, I’d suspect the cable as the failure point. You can check that another device gets a connection on the same cable or try again with the original cable. There are some BIOS config settings that can cause this error to appear, but I wouldn’t suspect that’s the issue if you didn’t change anything on a previously working setup. Likewise, I wouldn’t suspect that the boot media is at fault either.

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I would say @scott has a good point here. If you didn’t change anything, perhaps a cable was left loose in the process.

Just for reference, here are the essential features of the BIOS/UEFI settings, in case it might help:


Hi. It just stays on “initializing” I let it sit for quite a while and it would just stay there.

I have been able to access the internet on that computer in its current set up, any other thoughts?

I will try that later tonight. I’ll let you know if it does anything.

Mik, I just wanted to let you know that I reset the BIOS as you suggested and followed your guide and I’m now back up and running! I’m not sure what changed from moving it from the bedroom to the living room, but thank you!

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I have twice experienced a nodes extra nic ports suddenly being in a disabled state when rebooting from zos, but instance it was using 1/2 but used 3/4 afterwards only to find they were disabled in bios. This was on uefi machines,

Alright @adler21! Good to know the 3node is back online. Well done.

I added (Resolved) to the post’s name as you found how to fix the issue.

If you have any other unrelated questions, feel free to write another (new) post so it will be easier to search by the Threefold Community.

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