Www.app-yoke.com Solution Provider Motion Request

Explanation for AppYoke solution providing:

Short description:
AppYoke makes it efficient to deploy and run any kind of solution like a website, database, email server and many more.

In addition we accept FIAT payments including PayPal, Klarna and a lot of Europeaan methods.

Our motto is that everyone that wants to build a website or database is in the power to do that with an smooth progress.

Usage of the grid:
99.9% of this project is running on the TF grid, including its own website and API’s. The only thing (currently) that’s not running on the grid is the payment system since this is regulated by other companies and where not an Amazon or Apple yet that can create one from their own. :soon:

And off course it’s deployments and it’s gateways setups.


  • AppYoke subdomains like: companyname.appyoke.com
  • Buyable domains: .com .net .org .co .us and many more (almost all)
  • Browsing the map for choosing a 3Node. appyoke.com/explorer.html
  • An AI that first needs some question and chooses the right 3Node with suited capacity for a deployment.
  • User dashboard with addable users and seeing all your deployments and it’s use on 1 screen, saveable SSH keys for future deployments.
  • Tutorials to use a deployment and run a more custom out of the box solution for our developers.

Out of the box solutions like:

  • Wordpress
  • Simple website
  • Mail server
  • FTP server
  • Desktop’s
  • GraphQL
  • Encrypted database

And off course regular deployments:

  • Kubernetes
  • CapRover
  • Peertube
  • Funkwhale
  • Mattermost
  • Discourse
  • Taiga
  • Owncloud
  • Presearch
  • Subsquid
  • Casperlabs
  • Algorand
  • Node Pilot

When live?
We’ll need a couple weeks to get it all up and running.

What about the future?
GPU support is something we’ll be using big time once it’s online.

What we want to ask ThreeFold:
In order of responsibility we want these things addressedd

  • When will minimum uptime come back for non certified?
  • Will deployment disk data become encrypted on the network?
  • When will network speeds and drive speeds be readable?

Looking forward to becoming a solution provider. :grin:


Nice solution provider proposition @teisie

I moved the post to DAO, Solution Provider Proposals.

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@teisie Everything looks good but before we create a DAO proposal I highly suggest you fix the website www.app-yoke.com since this is the entrypoint right? We would also like to see what the platform is capable of before we launch a DAO proposal.

Any updates on this? Many good ideas in the first post!

Yes, should be ready for testing in a week.


Didn’t you say that two months ago?

I did but there a lot of complications involved. I’m building something bigger more informational


Cool. Looking forward to this :+1:t2: