Withdrawal issue

I send some tft from 3bot wallet to btc-alpha, for past 8 hours now nothing comes up in my btc-alpha account, please help me.

Deposits to exchanges on the Stellar network typically require a memo id to get properly associated with your exchange account. If that’s the case and you forgot to include the memo, then the exchange likely has your funds and can help you recover them. See this article for more details.

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Dear @andken thank you for reaching out, has your issue been resolved already? :slight_smile:
@scott as always THANKS for responding immediately!!!

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No, I haven’t get my fund back, the mistake was from my end cos I forgot to add memo and I have message the support team severally, was told to wait for feedback.

Dear @andken
Thank you for the fast reply. Okay so you are still waiting for feedback from BTC-Alpha?
Beautiful day!