Wireguard necessity and V3 Compliancy

Hi there,

I have set up the node as well as I think it can be. I could not figure out how to prime Wireguard but carried on anyway. Is this step absolutely necessary to farm for the network or can I leave it?

After set up and checking the explorer site to check the Nodes information and status it all looks ok except at the bottom of the “Node Information” the “V3 Complaint” there is an ominous red ‘X’.

Is this an issue I can troubleshoot and fix or can it be ignored?

Thanks, glad to be a part of this!

Hi cookhg,

Welcome to the ThreeFold community.
Based on your comments, you’re all set :blush:.
Wireguard is an integral part of zero-OS, you only need to set it up on your machine if you want to run stuff from your local 3Bot Virtual System Administrator.
The flag is to be ignored for the moment. It was used for stuff that is now no longer used and will have other purposes in the future.


Hope this helps other people following the step-by-step guides so they don’t worry if in a similar position to me.




Hi Geert,

Sorry bother you but I am worried I have incorrectly set up the storage side of my Node. When setting up the virtual machine I chose an internal HDD when I think I should have used my SSD.

Is it paramount I move it to my SSD? If so do I need to do anything technical/specific or is it as simple as just relocating the file to my nVME? And so far I haven’t come across any steps in the processes to select storage space. I see in the forums people expressing how many TB’s of HDD’s they have to use in their rigs but I can’t find any solid information regarding this component to farming and setting up.

Hope that was a detailed enough query so it makes sense!

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Hey Harry,

Just to reiterate what I wrote over on Telegram…

If you’re running Zos in a virtual machine please note that you won’t farm tokens, but would still be able to earn through cultivation if your resources are utilized. Dedicated hardware is really the way to go for farming.

That said, if you do want to continue farming in a VM, it would be more beneficial to use SSD over HDD. How you’d achieve that will depend on the VM solution you’re using, so I can’t really speak to that without knowing more details about your setup.