Will Titan make more than home build

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I have ordered a Titan but since then I have made a few mini pc’s into nodes , I have made minimal tft 8 per node in total, will the Titan make more ? I have 2 4 core , 16gig mem and 2 gig memory home made , if not will cancel the Titan as not worth it . Thanks

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For your reference in regard to the rewards accuracy please have a look at https://wiki.threefold.io/#/threefold__farming_calculator, certified Titans will make more than DIY on the same specs.

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I am getting 700 tft a month and my node has the same specs as Titan with the exception that I added 2 TB of additional ssd storage. Remember that tokens are paid on a monthly basis.

Hi Oscarcolo, for now the difference won’t be visible. But keep in mind that as soon as Grid 3.0 is launched all certified nodes will be renumerated more TFT per CU and SU. You can find it all back in the farming calculator Amanda shared above.

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