Where can I see my earnings

Hi everyone. I have read that any rewards I have earned will be issued on the 8th. Where abouts will I be able to see how much I have received. I’m not expecting a lot but it would be good to know my diy nose is working correctly. Thank you.

Hello @gazgits! You can see your earning in your wallet in the TF connect app.

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Thanks. When I open up
My wallet I just get a completely blank page.

I can’t see anything in my wallet on the connect app. Is there anywhere else I can check ?

You can plug your wallet address into a stellar explorer. I normally use stellar.expert

Thanks. I will give it a go.

Unfortunately it says 0. Hopefully I will get some thing today.

You should, minting is in process and some of them have received them and then rest of them will be getting their earnings shortly.

Woohoo I got my first payment today. Not much but it proved my basic DIY node works. Time to build a better one. Thanks everyone for the help so far.