When free to use is true you **can paid for this node**

I see node on v2 grid have a free to use option
What does this really mean and how can one enable it
The Comment says when free to use is true you can paid for this node capacity using the TFT Grid is it meant to read can get paid for this node

Well it all depends who’s reading the sentence :slight_smile:

If you are a user, you can pay with FreeTFT
if you are a farmer, you allow people to use FreeTFT to pay for this node capacity.

It’s indeed about the ability to pay these nodes with FreeTFT. Which is something like a coupon. Farmers that allow these FreeTFT for using their nodes don’t get the income, as FreeTFT are burned with the consumption. It’s an easy and cheap way for new users to explore the grid capabilities, that’s also why the number of tokens are limited per 3Bot.

Hi Geert,
I tried to get my FreeTFTs, using my wallet address but failed.
I thought that by now, as we are on the Stellar Network, I can use my 3bot wallet address to obtain the FreeTFT, but apparenly, I need a Stellar address… where do I get this, please? Is there a tutorial for getting FreeTFTs?


This is a testnet website, this one verifies stellar address on testnet. So it’s logical it can’t find it on mainnet.
For obtaining FreeTFT , please fill in the application form, indicated on https://www.getfreetft.threefold.io/

But of course, the idea is that mainly TFTs will be used for reserving capacity. The application form requires you to indicate why you need FreeTFT.

Hi Geert,
first time I hear that there are different FreeTFT for Testnet amd Mainnet - this is completely new to me and really confusing…

Well the website you came up with is not really relevant to you, it’s for the developers. Is it figuring somewhere in the wiki? Then please let us know where exactly, I feel it should be removed, as indeed it leads to confusion.