When Checking wallet, how to know from which server came each farming reward?


I have several servers in my far, now I got several transactions from farming rewards in my wallet, how can I associate each transaction to the correct server?

Hi @farmingtech are your servers all equal or do they have different specs? You can find a lot of information on the stellar explorer.

Stellar explorer: https://stellar.expert/explorer/public

If you copy-paste your wallet address (not mnemonic/private key) in the top right search button you see all the transactions made to you or by you. Find the amount that you want to know the server ID. Example take address GCX2RHTYQBWUBRCY3WM6XHW3IBBF2YKL7ERKSGCBLJKOQOOHIWJ7GRMS which gives you this:

Then take the last transaction to this address, which is for last months minting:


And then copy the minting hash (in HEX) and copy that to http://minting.threefold.io


The server ID is reported here, and on the http://explorer.grid.tf you can search for you farm and find that server id.

Please bear in mind this works for V2 minting, soon we will go to V3 minting and this will change as we are onboarding minting on a new chain, Polkadot, not Stellar.


Nice :+1: I’ve been meaning to write up something on this since minting emails stopped, but you beat me to it :slight_smile:

It sounds to me like the first few round of v3 minting will also be paid on Stellar, until on chain minting is ready. Would be nice to know that v3 farmers will have a way to check on their rewards in the meantime, and also plan for how to display this data in the future (maybe in the portal).

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http://minting.threefold.io will not load in firefox, loads in chrome fine.

Thank you, forgot to mention / state that :+1:

Hi there Weynand, excellent reply with a lot of detail. I’d like to know, though, now that we are on V3 if you could share the updated steps for new farmers reading this post.

Thanks in advance!

HEy @enzo, please take a look here:


Thank you very much @Dany I haven’t seen that one yet :ok_hand: