What is the order status of my Titan V2.1?

Please reach out to info@threefold.io with any questions on your 3Node order and don’t forget to mention your order number.

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Here is the list of the orders that are being shipped this week (WK45). Please, note that this list concerns orders from Europe, Israel and Turkey.

[Europe, Israel, Turkey deliveries WK45]

If you are from the concerned countries and you did not find your order, this might mean:

  • Your order is not for Europe, Israel, Turkey
  • Your order is too recent
  • You are one of few customers from these 3 regions who did not share the wallet address and the farm name
  • Your wallet address was not correct or activated in the Threefold Connect app
  • Something else went wrong

Please, get in touch with us at info@threefold.io if you think that your order should have been listed.

Here is another way to check on your order status.

Please, note:

  1. The orders that have been placed after November 11, 2021 may not be included
  2. The orders that have been cancelled since November 11, 2021 may be still visible here
  3. All orders that have failed or cancelled are not included

Order status info on 16/11/2021

Even if your order is not scheduled yet for delivery, we are working hard on making sure that all orders received before November, 2021 are shipped by the end of 2021. Just make sure that you shared the additional data (wallet, desired farm name) via the Google form.

If you still have doubts about your order status, contact our Support team.

By the way, the order status sheet is updated and will remain updated: