What is TF Connect app (ex. 3Bot connect) and why you should download it

What is TF Connect app (ex. 3Bot connect)

It is a decentralized, two factor authentication app, enabling you to access the ThreeFold Network platforms and your fully private digital wallet.

Why should you download TF Connect (ex. 3Bot connect)

By downloading TF Connect, you get access to:

  • FreeFlow Pages: is a private, and open source social space we created that enables you to own and control your privacy & personal data.

  • ThreeFold Forum: is our communication tool and is the main way for us to collaborate with members of the community in a peer2peer and organized fashion.

  • ThreeFold Circles: is our project management platform to work together on various projects in our decentralized organization. It is a simple, beautiful tool that makes work truly enjoyable.

  • On any of these platforms, we invite you to join us and collaborate together to realize our common vision. With the growth of the Threefold grid, 3Bot Connect secures your future 3Bot account and your digital life on the grid.

How to get TF Connect (ex. 3Bot connect)

TF Connect is available for download from the Apple and Android store. Once downloaded on your phone, the full sign up process is now done on the application itself. To access app from your laptop, you will need your mobile device to perform a 2-Factor Authentication with session control (using emojis). This is a fully decentralized yet secure way to confirm your identity.

Please save your seed key words in a secure location

As these words are essential and can’t be recovered by any other party than yourself. Write down the 24 seed words somewhere and keep it safe.