What is new in TFGrid 3.0

What is new in TF Grid 3.0

Latest edit: December 10 2021

What is new compared to our TF Grid 2.x


  • VM support and based on our deduped filesystem approach (no need for images)
  • Quantum Safe Storage in VM & Kubernetes (storage which can never be lost)
  • Planetary Network in iOS, Android, OSX, Windows, Linux – integrate your workloads with a global scalable end-to-end encrypted network client

DAO Features

DAO = More info click here: Decentralized Autonomous Org

TF Chain 3.0

  • Substrate TFChain
  • Your identity and proofs/reputation on our blockchain
  • Holds all info about TF Grid (nodes, farmers, …)
  • GraphQL interface to be able to query the blockchain
  • Supports side chains (unlimited scalability, allow others to run their own blockchain)
  • TFT exists now also on TF Chain (allows us to work around Stellar scalability issues)
  • Bridge between TFT on Stellar and TFT on TF Chain (one way to start)
  • TFT tracking for IP address & network traffic (bandwidth)


  • Blockchain-based provisioning
    • TF Chain API (JavaScript, Golang, Vlang)
    • Supports Infrastructure as Code: IAC framework (Terraform, Helm, Kubernetes, Ansible*)
  • Use RMB = peer2peer secure Reliable Message Bus to communicate with Zero-OS
  • Support for Terraform is new
  • Weblets (see https://play.grid.tf/) are super cool widgets to provision on TF Grid

(*): planned Q1 2022


  • Resource utilization is captured and calculated on hourly basis
  • Resource utilization stored in TF Chain
  • Automatic discount system: pricing is in line with the amount of TFT you have in your account.
    • E.g. if you have 12 months worth of TFT in your account in relation to the last hour used capacity you get 40% discount, 36 months results in 60% discount. This automatic discount system rewards users who pre-purchased their cloud needs.


Features not in TF Grid 3.0 yet

  • TFT 3.0 minting not on TF Chain yet (will be for 3.0.X, X tbd), should be end of Jan 2022

Nice to have features for future

They are not crucial to start using the grid, they are nice to have extensions

  • 3Bot and eVDC needs to be ported to TF Grid 3
  • Web Gateway with TCP Router concept needs to be ported to TF Grid 3

More Information About TF Grid 3.0


find our roadmap https://library.threefold.me/info/threefold#/cloud/threefold__roadmap_grid here

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