What is a network farmer?

Network Farming

Network farming is the concept of connecting a Zero-OS to a capable network and receiving TFT for providing network services.

Unit description diy certified node
Network Unit (NU) 1 GB of data transfered as used by TFGrid user 0.2 TFT/GB 0.3 TFT/GB
IPv4 Address Public IP Address as used by a TFGrid user 0.08 TFT/hour 0.1 TFT/hour

  • Network traffic (NU) is measured on public ipv4 address on Zero-OS and on webgateway3 level for all public interfaces (from TFGrid 3.0 Mainnet)
  • Farming for IPv4 addresses will be from TFGrid 3.0 Mainnet (maybe already testnet).
  • Farming reward is variable over time (unlike CU/SU which is locked when node is registered).

Most farmers today already have their 3Nodes connected to the internet and as such they will receive TFT for network transfer and for IP addresses used (starting TFGrid 3.0 mainnet). You need public IPv4 addresses to receive this additional farming fee.

ThreeFold is also looking for specific network farmers, which are farmers who have access to lots of IP addresses or lots of connectivity to internet backbone traffic.

These Network Farms allow anyone in the world to connect their existing compute and storage workloads to multiple backbones in the world.

This allows for a lot of flexibility for our users


This also allows for redundant setup for the users.



  • are network farmers a requirement to let the TFGrid function?
    • depending the workload, for many of them no e.g. development workloads, digital twins, …
    • for workloads which require lots of bandwidth in local region, yes
  • does ThreeFold help to find network farmers?
    • yes we talk to some major bandwidth and telco providers
    • we are working on some bigger deals which will unlock the internet to TFGrid on larger scale
  • does it reward to be a network farmer?
    • we believe, absolutely yes, but you require a minimal scale

Remark: Farming Reward

Farmers are rewarded TFT based on Proof-of-Capacity and Proof-of-Utilization

TFT earned per month per node = 
    #proof of capacity
    + CU farmed * CU farming reward 
    + SU farmed * SU farming reward 
    #proof of utilization
    + NU used * NU farming reward
    + IPAddr uses * IP Addr utilization reward
    + channel reward * revenue

revenue =  CU sold * CU price + SU sold * SU price

  • CU/SU = storage and compute units farmed = amount CU,SU available to TFGrid with enough uptime = Proof-of-Capacity
  • farming reward = is the reward as specified below.
  • Channel Reward = 50% if you found a buyer for your CU/SU/NU capacity, otherwise defaults to 10%
  • CU/SU sold = the amount of CU,SU as sold per month = Proof-of-Utilization
  • CU/SU price= the price as defined for each CU,SU by wisdom_council