What happened to the threefoldcloud.com sites?

Had a question in the community call about social.threefoldcloud.com being down. As I had announced the site was a testing environment that put up as a basic demonstration of functionality of the app on the grid. With that being said I had intent to eventually expend my project in the pursuit of developing long term solutions for backing it up/ redundancy.

Unfortunately with this being something I only get to work on a couple days of weeks the project fell to the back burner and a couple weeks ago the worst happened and the node that was hosting the sites (social, music, and videos.threefoldcloud.com) had a failure that resulted in a complete loss of the sites.

I want to be very clear in the fact that this was very preventable and it was not in fact a failure of the “the grid” so much as me a administrator.

As of this moment I’m unsure if and when I will deploy another Mastadon.

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I concur that your setup was working beautifully.

The proof-of-concept has been made.

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thanks for this explanation. I am glad that it wasn’t a failure of the grid as such.

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