What about an ATOM - TFT Liquidity Pool?

The other day I saw someone ask on Twitter if people would be able to buy TFT with ATOM soon.

I spoke with @oliver who is working on the COSMOS integration. Since ATOM is the native token of COSMOS, it’s technically possible – but it would also require a Liquidity Pool for ATOM TFT.

What does the community think about this topic? It seems to make a lot of sense as it opens up a huge network for TFT. But I’m not an expert here so perhaps others can chime in with pros and cons and general feedback. :pray:


For this to work, we’ll need IBC (interblockchain communication) enabled for the Cosmos based TF Chain. Once that’s done, it will be possible for anyone to start creating liquidity pools for TFT on connected Cosmo chains, including cross chain AMMs like Osmosis, Gravity, and Sifchain. This doesn’t actually require a TFT/ATOM pool specifically. As long as there’s a route from some TFT pool to some ATOM pool, the swaps are possible.

I IBC integration this is a very good idea. The question is where does this fit within the development priority stack.

A secondary question is whether some ThreeFold entity, be that the foundation, tech, or DAO should contribute liquidity to such a pool, as has been done for Pancake Swap. I think that seeding some liquidity is probably also a good idea, to provide a nice experience and low slippage swaps.