We're reworking our AMA / Community Call series and we want your suggestions!

Last month, we started back up with AMA’s and Community Calls. We had some nice sessions but we noticed that people prefered to ask questions either on the forum or in our chats and get more real-time feedback / answers rather than waiting for a bi-weekly call. So, we’ve decided to rework the series a bit:

Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 9.51.27 AM

We believe that taking the approach of doing more specific calls will end up bringing a lot of value for folks and producing a lot of great content for our growing library.

What about you? Do you think this is a good direction? What types of things are you curious to learn more about?

As a note, the next call data is TBA based on feedback and getting sessions defined, scheduled, and well-organized.

I think it’s a great idea. The AMAs are kind of long, and long can definitely equate to boring(no offense to any of you fine folks). Most of the times I don’t really get what I’m looking for in these AMAs, and I usually watch these kinds of videos on 1.5-2x speed since most people are still comprehendible when sped up.

In fact, I think you guys should open up a Discord server. Most people in blockchain and crypto are using Discord these days, and it’s what a lot of young people use as well. Whether we’re talking about Helium, Akash, Solana… They’re all there.

In addition, you guys should have catchier YouTube titles, and titles that are relevant to what people would like to know and would click on when they search for Threefold. This will not only garner more attention and interest in Threefold, but help the project grow.

For me, I represent the average node miner and crypto Joe. I got interested in Threefold because of Tactical Investing but there’s not really a good source of information such as the rewards. Something that most people who found about about Threefold from Tact’s channel are interested in. On Discord, some of us are still a little bit confused about that. Before you mention the excel spreadsheet with the farming rewards logic, stop right there. It’s just too complicated. There’s no clear guide on how to use it. Maybe you could get an influencer to help explain the project and the excel sheet, as influencers are good at presenting things. It doesn’t have to be Tact either. A lot of the times, I’m reading something on Threefold, and even I no idea what I’m reading. If I compare this to another crypto project like Planet Watch, reading and understanding what their project, goals, and token model is about is clear and concise,

When I’m watching these AMAs, it reminds me of listening to a professor that’s not really engaging to their own class. I should be listening, but instead I find myself tuning out. Maybe instead of having the whole ThreeFold team in an AMA, we could break it down into speakers who are best in those subjects. These are all just ideas.

I hope I didn’t offend anyone, as none of these ideas were meant to offend. After all, we’re all on the same team.

This response was long-winded. Now where can I submit my questions for the AMA!!! :rofl:

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