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Today’s Internet uses up to 5% of the world’s energy supply. The Internet is growing at a phenomenal rate. Research says that we need at least 4,000 new large scale data centers to support new digital trends such as the Internet of Things, 5G, Artificial Intelligence, and self-driving cars. This would correspond to +3 trillion USD investment. Energy requirements would go through the roof, and the Internet would consume 3-4 times more energy compared to the airline industry.

Next to this energy problem, more than 80% of today’s Internet capacity is generated by less than 20 companies. We became a product and don’t own our data. Most countries on our planet fully depend on companies residing in America or China for their digital needs.

We believe this is unsustainable and bad for our planet. A new Internet is needed which does not depend on having to build more and more data centers, which is owned by all of us, and which is created using much more efficient technology.

The ThreeFold technology allows a new Internet to be created which consumes up to 100x less energy, does not need data centers, can be 100% powered by locally-produced renewable energies, needs 10x less international fiber network capacity, and gives everyone their digital freedom and data ownership back.

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