WEF Global Risks Report

Yesterday the World Economic Forum published its Global Risks Report 2023.
Download here: WEF_Global_Risks_Report_2023.pdf

Just one quote from chapter 2.5 “Digital rights: privacy in peril”.

The right to privacy as it applies to information about individuals incorporates two key elements: the right not to be observed and the right to control the flow of information when observed. As more data is collected and the power of emerging technologies increases over the next decade, individuals will be targeted and monitored by the public and private sector to an unprecedented degree, often without adequate anonymity or consent.

There is more need for Threefold (and others) than ever before!

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Thanks for sharing this, @Dany.

The way I see it, true assurances of privacy are not possible in digital systems except when their operation is verifiable through open source software and transparent execution. I can’t help but feel an uneasy humor when I see “end to end encryption” promised by centralized black box apps. The planet really does need technologies that put people back in control of their digital lives, and that’s what we’re building at ThreeFold :fist:


The most difficult thing is getting the public to realize the importance of privacy then get them to be willing to pay for it