Weekly Farming Help Chat

I have been considering setting up a scheduled time weekly to allow people to come in and have farming discussions in regard to the more technical aspects of it, networking, node building, hardware selection, just a general bring your questions with myself, and hopefully some of the other farmers that feel they may be able to contribute/help others!

If I scheduled this and setup a room in possibly the discord or something of the like would there be an interest in attending these?


Great idea. I would be in and happy to share my experiences with building nodes from lenovo tiny 's up to servers.

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would it be better for this to be at the same time as the community calls but on weekend day so that people that work can attend? id have to do bi-weekly for weekends unless a second host wanted to commit to the other 2 weekends a month.

@ParkerS. I think this is a great idea, and if you accept I am happy to help you / co-host when you have other obligations. I must say I have less experience in actual multi-brand farming setups, but as this is meant to share, I think it’s more a community effort than my effort.

With regards to weekends, if the community agrees that that is best, then we do that. Alternatively this could be a start of communities taking ownership and you could for example lead the American continents farmers call (with @scott), another group could do Europe and Middle East (@RobertL and me?) and another “group” could do Asia-Pacific.

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In theory I’m in, but I have to say my marriage still comes first :innocent:
So, we’ll need to play it by the day in my case.


Family first - no worries I know all about the sacrificies they have to make to be part of this crazy journey. We / I will be very respectful of them.