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all feedback welcome

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One question.

The last page suggest we still need 1000 registration on Liquid, but is this still a requirement if we only list on their exchange?

I worked on this doc to break down important points that we need to consider into calculation for the Token launch event / Listing strategy: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VcFI0bvWAWKnHwjpYgLrIr4tJIMrKqgF0Wb808tjGp8/edit?usp=sharing
Any feedback or questions would be appreciated.

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Here is the link to the video recording with @adnan and @kristof.

Dear team,
as an ambassador and investor, I have been trying to also convince some family and friends to open an account on a crypto exchange. If not for the sake of TFT’s then maybe for future use. My success was underwhelming :wink:
I understand that there are two points of view:
You can select the Exchange from an offerer’s point (company) or a consumer’s point, who typically is less literate on cryptocurrencies.
I understand that each segment has its own goals and priorities.
Browsing through the proposed list of exchanges, there was almost none based in Europe.
If we want to underline our statement of being decentralized, then we should offer an exchange on every continent.
Customers in Europe hesitate to use websites who’s preferred languages are Chinese, Indi, Japanese, Russian, Turkish and English (no German, French, Spanish etc). This has to do with language barriers, trust (legislation) and tax issues.
I wonder why you don’t have bitpanda.com on the list: Based in Austria, founded in 2014 with 1 M plus users, trading in EUR, CHF, USD and GBP, a fully (AML5) compliant company (with PSD2 license) with state-of-the-art security, adhering to financial market authority rules. Easy to use for the German-speaking and Eurozone area.
I am not involved in this company at all, I am just expressing my thoughts as a European consumer.