Wallet usage within TF Connect (ex. 3Bot) app

Can the wallet be used? Essentially how does the wallet work with applications you create?


Hi @AJ,

The 3Bot wallet is essentially a Stellar wallet that’s been preconfigured to handle transactions in ThreeFold Tokens, which are issued on the Stellar network. You can use it to pay for deploying solutions and share receive addresses so that others can pay you. 3Bot wallets are also used to distribute newly minted tokens to farmers, whose nodes are linked to the same 3Bot.

In the future, it is certainly possible that the 3Bot wallet will have more applications in experiences running on the Grid, like micropayments to content creators—anything that’s possible with Stellar could be built.


Thanks Scott, the question that I now have is what would need to be done in order to be used by other applications?

Is this a lengthy process? How do I convey this to my client?


@AJ I’m not the right person to answer this but I think @weynandkuijpers would be able to answer this. I’ll have him come back to you.

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Thanks Roel much appreciated

Hi AJ, good to see you here. The 3Bot app provides two essential services to work with, develop on and going forward use services on the Tf Grid:

  • First the 3bot app provides a wallet to operate digital currencies. As Scott said, the TFT is currently implemented on the stellar network and therefore the 3bot app is able to provide transfer capabilities for TFT/TFTA or FreeTFT’s. This is the wallet functionality of the 3bot app.
  • And second the 3bot app provides 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) capabilities to applications and services that use this 2FA mechanism. Today there are a few services / applications that use that methodology: the marketplace (https://marketplace.grid.tf/auth/login?next_url=/), freeflowpages (https://freeflowpages.com/dashboard) and some other (internal) applications that the Threefold movement use to organise and communicate. What is unique about this is that this authentication service is decentralised. It does not rely on a (central) stored username - password file. It uses cryptography to proof that you are you (as you hold the private key on you phone ni the app and “sign” login request with that key.

So for your client this 3bot app can perform digital currency operations and provides authentication services if applications have integrated this facility

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So the key question is if the customer wanted to provide a wallet to his customers and wanted his customers to add money and pay for services using this wallet could they do that?

Would it require much customization?

Hi AJ,

As such there is not a lot of work if all is in TFT, but your explanation somewhat too limited to judge well.
What type of customization are you referring to ? Is it a simple integration into your customer’s app for TFT payments, an extra screen in your customer’s app ? Then it’s not difficult. But I’m not sure this is what you mean.

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Hi Geert, not TFT payments but other payments for services outside of the grid. Essentially buying airtime or retailing with a clothing store or buying essential products.

Maybe we should do a zoom call?

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Hi AJ,

There is no link to fiat currencies handling in the app, so I guess this will require quite some effort to do so, integration with a PSP (payment services providers) etc.
I don’t think that reusing 3Bot Connect app for doing fiat payment is a path we should go for. But I’m always open to discuss.

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Hi Geert,

Can we have a 30min zoom call to discuss?

Kind regards

Sure, but let’s DM for this.