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I don’t seem to be able to ssh into a VM after creating it. I keep getting connection timeouts. I tested connecting to a non-3node with an ipv4 address and that was no issue. Could the IPv6 address for the 3node be tripping me up?

Hi @jelco.

  • Can you tell me a little more how you deployed the VM. Did you use play.grid.tf or a terraform script.
  • Can you ping the ip address?
  • did you provide the SSH public key to the VM deployment?

Hello, It was in fact on play.grid.tf I didn’t try a ping but will recreate the issue tomorrow and see if I can ping the IP address. I did enter in the ssh public key on the deployment. That is not to say I did it correctly since this is new for me. I copied and pasted it directly from the putty key gen tool.

Ping failed. The planetary IP is 300:3c91:453b:dbd9:c43b:30c2:63d4:c513

Did you install the planetary network in your laptop / server you use to work on? See here for how to install: https://library.threefold.me/info/manual/#/manual__yggdrasil_client

I did not know about this. That’s probably the issue. I will work on this later and report back. May I suggest adding this info in the library about deploying the individual weblets. It could help newer folks to the platform like myself

Yes, good point we need to have some more manuals created around the weblets. There is a ton of information available in the github repo.

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I was able to get it working! I took an old desktop and installed ubuntu as a play around computer and got the planetary network going on there. I successfully connected via ssh to the VM and deployed a workload as well. I haven’t done command line work in about 10 years. Getting involved in threefold just makes me want to play around more with computers again


Same here - I love command line stuff!

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