VDC wallet errors. What to resolve the issue?

What to resolve the issue?
Screenshot from 2021-04-06 07-16-03
Screenshot_2021-04-06 3Bot Admin

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You need to be a proper VDC deployer to run the VDC package, and creating new wallets from the admin dashboard is limited to (threefold connect app and 3bot deployer website to prevent the abuse of the activation service). That wallet you created is local and requires “activation” to be valid wallet on stellar network

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Where is VDC deployer?
How to activate wallet?

Here’s the VDC deployer (on testnet): https://vdc.testnet.grid.tf/vdc

To activate a Stellar wallet, just send some XLM to it. You’ll need 1 XLM minimum, plus 0.5 for each asset trustline you want to add. So a wallet for XLM and TFT needs 1.5 XLM minimum.

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Correct, and in order to prepare the wallet for storing TFT on it, you need to create a trustline with issuer GBOVQKJYHXRR3DX6NOX2RRYFRCUMSADGDESTDNBDS6CDVLGVESRTAC47 and assetcode TFT.

But that’s for the generic wallets on Stellar (Solar, Lobstr, interstellar, … )
The wallet in the Threefold Connect app takes action so you don’t have to do these things yourself.
Buying TFT tokens isn’t feasible yet in the TF Connect app, but this might change in the very near future :blush:.

The new problem is got, when to start deploy VDC
Link: https://vdc.testnet.grid.tf/vdc
Screenshot_2021-04-15 VDC
And tokens was taken from my wallet)

We will have a look, please provide your 3bot ID and the name of your VDC.
Anyway if the VDC deployment failed you should be refunded automatically (but it can take a while).

There seem to be some issues indeed for the moment on testnet to deploy VDCs. We’ll let you know when OK again to deploy.

Please retry, there was an issue with some hardware creating this error. Please let us know if it now works.

Thanks. All is okey! Refund tokens were automatically! Deployment was successful!

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Hi Masteritua!
I am very curious on what you have been playing with since the last month on the VDC? Are you open to share?
Wishing you a beautiful week ahead. :slight_smile:

Im having the same problem here: When i try to create a new vdc it returns the message: “couldn´t get the balance for vdc_init wallet(…)” :confused: