V3 Compliant: Red "X"

Two weeks ago I received and connected a new Titan (V2.1) 3Node and everything seemed to be running properly until today when I noticed my farmer (HoneyBadger01 (173993)) indicates it is not V3 Compliant. Does this mean there is a problem with my setup or is my 3Node already out of date? What do I need to do be compliant?

Not exactly. As far as I know your node should upgrade to V3 at any moment. The V3 compliant notice should appear for those DIY nodes which is not your case. But in the end it’s not an issue you should be worried about. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Antonio. I appreciate the response and will give it some time. So far, it hasn’t reflected any change, but I’ll keep you posted if no change within a week. Have a blessed day!

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We actually talked about this in the AMA last week, here’s a direct link to the answer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrW9rbcnRZU&t=902s

Please know it’s not affecting anything right now! :pray: