Uptime Calculation Issues

Can anyone explain how the “Uptime” is calculated when you are in your dashboard looking at your farms, where it has that uptime graph to show percent uptime? Even though my node is “up”, my uptime shows zero percent.

I tracked it for a few days when i noticed it was at 16% after my month payout didn’t seem to match what i expected and noticed the low uptime. I checked it a couple days later and it was now at 15%, but the node is showing it is up. Am i doing something wrong where it is not showing up in the ecosystem? I thought i had followed every step in the guide to set up my DIY node.

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!

please share your node ID.

Indeed, would be happy to look into this but need a node id to say anything concrete.

Sorry for the late reply, my node ID is 4687. I didn’t mention this before, but when i noticed the percentage going down i reset the node and it went back to 0%, of course. I just checked it again right now and it says 1022%. So i’m not sure what to make of it.

There’s an issue with the uptime percentage display. The dev team is working on deploying a fix.

Looks like your node hit 100% uptime last month. You can look up previous months in the receipt visualizer, according to the guide here: How to verify your 3nodes’ payments

There’s also a community built tool for checking on nodes’ uptimes that you can find here: http://publicuptime.tfcloud.us/uptimeCheck