Upgrading a node (CLOSED)

One of my nodes had lower specs so i retired that and instead I got an HP server to replace if. If I copy the seed file of that node to the server will I get the old node ID and the same contract?
I guess the general question is can we upgrade our nodes in the future using the same seed file or the seed file is created based on the old node’s specs and won’t accept any change. Will TFT price be the same?

Yes it’s possible. Check this Q+A from the FAQ:

Is there a way to backup my node ID in order to restore a 3node if the disk with the node ID gets corrupted or breaks down?

Yes, you can do a backup, but as of now this process must be done manually.

One way is to boot a Linux USB image in Try mode, open up the File folder of your disk that contains the node ID. Click on + Other Locations. Then, open the folder that contains the folder zos-cache and open the folder identityd. In this folder, select the file seed.txt and make a copy of it in a safe place (USB key, notebook, e-mail, etc.). If the disk which contains your node ID is damaged, simply reboot the 3node with a new disk and the Zero-OS bootstrap image. Your 3node will connect to the Grid and assign a new node ID. Once this is done, reboot the 3node, but this time with the Linux USB image, go in the same folder as stated before and replace the new seed.txt file with the old file. Reboot your 3node with the Zero-OS bootstrap and you’re done.

Let us know how it goes!

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