Update Month Start and End Dates?

sure there is a table somewhere but what are the start and end dates for up time, built a new node last week but didnt get all my RAM in until 2nd December

Have seen that table, that mentioned how these 30,x days sre spread among the 12 months somewhere and a couple of months ago.
You’ll be rewarded for the part of the month you were online.

Hello @reignmack! Yes you get paid for the uptime your node has been online. If you are looking for specific details on the uptime, you can use the Hash for the payout from https://stellar.expert/explorer/public/account/, change it to HEX and then run it on https://alpha.minting.tfchain.grid.tf/ you will see the number of days your node has been online and the right uptime for the minting cycle. But if you are looking for exact start and end date, send us you node id and I can give you that information as well.

thanks I know I will get the rewards but the minting is done at your nodes “weakest” state, so If I only had 96GB in it for the first 5 days of the period then upgraded to 320GB the next 25 days will still mint at 96GB rate i believe . which was the reason I wanted to know the cutoffs

Hey @reignmack, I just got it confirmed with the team that for the month that you did your upgrade your minting will be for the lowest amount of HW for that month, so minting for your 320GB will be for the following month.

So in general - If you add memory during the month, it will only reflect on your minting from the next month but if you remove memory during the month, it will reflect on that month’s minting. So minting is calculated for the lowest amount of HW for a month.

There’s a post on Minting Periods that I believe answers the original question. You can extrapolate from the chart provided into 2023’s periods.

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