Up for a challenge? Parts list for Amazon

Extreme noob here and wanting to get all of the needed hardware via Amazon or such. I’d go the eBay route, but I don’t want to get scammed and spend hours trying to get something to work that is broken. My goal is to buy everything I need new to get a good machine going and to farm TFT.

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Well if you are looking for plug and play then maybe a Titan is what you should do. Otherwise you can build as small or as large as you want. What kind of budget is the biggest question? I also wouldn’t completely disregard used computers, I have yet to buy a lemon as they are normally sold as being tested first.


I was thinking about something like this…

Yes, that will work fine if you’re not looking to reconfigure something. You could really up the TFT by installing a 2.5" SSD in it as well since there is room for it.

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That will do fine, although like @FLnelson said adding SSD of nvme will boost the farming rewards. You can read here how that works.

Also here you can enter the spec data of the hardware and see your rewards

Just fill in the first 4 specs and you will see the return/impact of adding an SSD/nvme and you will see.

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How much are you looking to spend and are you only creating one node or multiple?

I’m creating one node and spending $1100 US

You can create one for around 600 dollars, look at barebone mini pc.