Unvesting TFT's

Dear friends,

In March of 2021 we introduced the vesting program, which was a voluntary process created for token holders to show their support for the project. Token holders were able to put their tokens in a vesting pool, thus locking their tokens temporarily.

The vesting pool was designed so that tokens get unlocked according to two factors; time and the token value. Every month, 1/48th of the tokens would unlock. Also, once the price of the token would go above a certain amount, more tokens would unlock.

All vesting wallets require a signature weight of 10 to unlock the vested tokens. The first signer is the token holder who vested. Their signature has a weight of 5. The other 9 are called the Guardians of the Blockchain. These guardians were carefully chosen and are people with great reputations, who support the ThreeFold project out of goodwill and who are entrusted to take care of the vesting keys. To unlock the vested tokens, the token holder needs to sign along with 5 people of the Guardians of the Blockchain.

Since the launch of the vesting program, we have continued to learn, grow and adapt. Although we are very grateful for the support and loyalty of the people who vested, The ThreeFold Team and the Guardians of the Blockchain have decided to unvest all of the locked tokens.

This topic has been discussed and thought over for a long time, and we believe that the decision to unvest will not have a negative impact on the project, but will simply be a more fair and precise representation of it. Most of the users who vested their tokens are either internal or very loyal community members, so we don’t expect any big consequences.

How to unvest

  1. Go to https://tokenservices.threefold.io/unvest/ on your mobile phone.

  1. Copy your wallet address from the TF Connect App (wallet - information button bottom right - copy icon next to your wallet) and paste it in the wallet field.

  1. Copy your wallet secret from the TF Connect App (wallet - information button bottom right - copy icon next to your secret) and paste in the wallet secret field.

  1. Your tokens are now unvested.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation to the community for believing in the mission we call ThreeFold, and for pushing us when needed.

Kind regards,

The ThreeFold Team


Does the foundation have vested tokens, and if so, how much? Was the unvesting done at the request of a 3rd party?

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Please confirm if the info in the link below is up to date:

If it is, what is the plan with these funds?
If the TFT farming stops with grid version 3x then this is no longer a decentralised project as the
Advisors, Founders, Team and related partis own more then 50% of total supply.
These are imortant questions that need to be clearly answered

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The question has been asked about what will happen with the unvesting, so I wanted to package a response up and share it here publicly. This is my best effort based on my existing knowledge, please feel free to ask questions, etc.

The ~400 million vested tokens are all (vast majority) owned by early token holders and long term believers in the project. Of course we can’t know exactly who owns many of the tokens as we only have a big list of wallet addresses. But the vesting program was initiated at a time when the community was much smaller and we feel confident that those who unvest will not be dumping their tokens / negatively impacting the project.

The decision to unvest was made by the foundation team along with the blockchain guardians. These guardians were carefully chosen and are people with great reputations, who support the ThreeFold project out of goodwill and who are entrusted to take care of the vesting keys.

It’s important to note that the vesting program was voluntary, and the unvesting is not automatic. So we’ll be able to track the % of tokens being unvested vs the amount of tokens simply eligible to be unvested. Right now about 8 million of the vested tokens have been unvested.

As far as foundation tokens go, foundation wallets are multi-signature, and vesting was never implemented for multisig wallets as the service refused the vesting account creation for them. But even if foundation tokens were unvested, we would never start selling them and dropping the price of the token, it simply would not make sense.

For the point on TFT ownership with Grid 4 coming, as far as I can see, 75% of currently distributed TFT are farming rewards, which leaves 25% for the rest. In addition, as mentioned above all foundation tokens are multisig and it is stated publicly that the foundation will never spend tokens if the markets cannot support it, and all proceeds will be 100% used for the benefit of the project. Further, we would not make decisions to spend significant foundation-owned tokens without a discussion with the community.

Right now the foundation prefers the opposite, in fact, given the low price of TFT. It is better for TFT to be in the hands of the foundation and/or true believers in the long-term of the project.

Hope this helps to clarify some things. :pray:


Thank you for the reply. Is there way to track the unvesting? Did the decision to allow unvesting occur at the request of some of these investors?

https://statsdata.threefoldtoken.com/stellar_stats/api/stats the total_vested_tokens field in the json shows the remaining vested tokens.
Before the unvesting started, that was 398M.

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