Uhuru - bug fixes and stability improvement

Encrypted and independent, Uhuru is a resilient communication service directly related to your freedom of speech. Built with simplicity and privacy in mind, it provides a place to connect with friends, family, colleagues, and the world. Talk to any user on a peer-to-peer network without interference or compromise of safety. Enjoy zero third-party involvement and incredible security that leaves you feeling warm inside.

Uhuru is the only unified communication and collaboration platform that offers social media, chat, videocall, private browser, document storage, and a lot more.

While Uhuru is still in beta phase, our team has deployed a release that focused on bug fixes and stability improvements. For any suggestions or bug logging, please do not hesitate to create an issue on Github.

The ThreeFold Team


Sounds like a game changer on the Threefold Grid! Greak work from the TF dev team!!