Two nodes with the same id

hi again.
does anybody have the same issue that two different nodes register themselves under the same id number?
both are in the same network and pretty much the same configuration.
i might have switched ssd beetwen them (don’t remember exactly) but anyway i cleared the disk before i used it in the new one.
how to avoid that? any advice?


I’m not sure how it happened but you can fix it by booting your node into a pre enviroment like a Linux Ubuntu live usb sand navigating on the first ssd to the seed file and deleting it, on reboot it will pull a new id.

Follow the backup node id tutorial here, but leave nothing in the folder when your remove the seed.

ok will try that.
just a question: if i clean the disk in diskpart in windows isn’t it the same?

It should be that’s where I’m a little confused on how it happened.

maybe i did something wrong. to be sure i will clean it once again tomorrow and let you know.

Just to set you up for success, if your comfortable booting to live usb, I would wipe the drives under Linux, it offers a much better option for no formatting/partitioning, personally I just use the Ubuntu live usb, go to disks, click the wheel and you can format correctly, wildly easy. I’ll have a vide up soon.

Hello @wasiek! Can you please contact us on our live chats from our website/forum or TF connect app and we be able to the see what went wrong with the whole the thing.

I used ubuntu, went to Disks and deleted seed file (i didn’t know how to format properly - there was couple of options). Than i cleaned once again in Diskpart in Windows. Now it’s working properly, new node id was generated.

Still, i’m pretty sure that i cleaned in Windows before use it in new node. Is it possible that cleaning in diskpart does not delete old seed from the disk?

And second topic, shouldn’t it be somehow blocked to use the same seed file in two different nodes? I’m mean somehow automatically unrigster one of them and force to generate new node id?

We’ve heard mixed results around using diskpart under Windows to clean disks. This post has instructions for Linux as well as a link to a guide for which commands to run on Windows.

Indeed, seed files should ideally not be transferable between nodes at all. We’ve previously discussed some ways to implement this but nothing has been developed yet. Probably there is a simpler way to prevent multiple nodes from running with the same id. I’ll open an issue for the devs to explore this.

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