Trying to set up Dell Poweredge r720

I followed all the steps in the guide (used bootable USB) but after I booted I don’t seem to be farming anything. Is there something I am supposed to do to set up the PCIE SSD’s? Here are some pictures of my setup and also a picture of what I get on my screen.

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You’re setup and screen looks just fine. This is what you’re supposed to see. Farming payout to your wallet of the current month (till the last day of that month) is usually between 5th and 8th of the following month. It only shows up in your wallet.

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So is this what I should be seeing for 3x 2gb SSDs, 384GB RAM, Processors: 2x (2.7 GHz) 12-Core Intel Xeon? Sorry I am brand new to this just wanna make sure I did everything correctly.

Looks fine. It just shows what zeroOS is reserving. In the Dashboard looking up your farm you should see all your specs as well, but it looks fine.

PS. Glad you’re part of it now :wink:

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Indeed you appear to have setup your node correctly ill explain a bit more though for thoroughness, your node is now generating rewards automatically, those rewards are dispersed around the 7th of each month because this is still a manual process due to blockchain limitations, from my understanding, this is one of the major discussions around bridging to other chains.

the reason your nodes appear to be doing nothing is because it is. your node is now apart of a larger network of nodes that anyone can deploy on demand vms on, at any time. so until that happens this is what you will see. but your earning rewards as long as you have that screen. You can press (alt+f2) to view the console to look for any possible errors and the best verification tool is to go to and manually deploy a small vm. if it works properly you know your golden. (alt+f3 returns to main screen, Alt+f1 is the boot console)

I and @FLnelson cover alot of this in the videos here,

If your into networking i encourage you to check out

Welcome to the grid.

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Great information. Thanks a lot!

if your on telegram I encourage you to join the farmers chat lots of great discussions on building the network and there’s regularly hardware discussions as farmer discover diy hardware quirks and fixes