TomoChain & ThreeFold: Joining forces to decentralize Cloud Computing

TomoChain & ThreeFold: Joining forces to decentralize Cloud Computing

A medium article on a partnership between TomoChain and Threefold:

This week marks a big step in the history of TomoChain and ThreeFold as both organizations join forces to work towards a common vision of a more sustainable and decentralized world.

Read it here!

If you want to deploy a TomoChain Node on the Threefold Grid, check this tutorial.

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Hey mik, the tutorial you reference here, uses tools that don’t exist anymore,

That article is from 2,5 years ago. Is the partnership still going on? Tomochain has around 150 masternodes at the moment, maybe they need some more and utilizeTF nodes :slight_smile:

Yes good point.

With the new grid features, it must be even easier to deploy.

We need new tutorials then!


As long as that flist is still compatible, shouldnt be hard to deploy would just need to select that flist when deploying a micro vm


We could verify what you just said here.

Then, we could do, very quickly, a bunch of “Deploy a Node” Blockchain tutorial series, with the stated flist + micro vm method.

We need to show the word out there that Threefold has amazing features, available right now.

(And with Grid 3.9, it will be even more amazing.)

Definitely can do some tutorials :slight_smile: , was just reading about the tomo masternodes they want a 15,000$ investment to setup a node and that stake doesn’t even get you guaranteed spot just a chance you’d still have to be voted in. This is definitely not a tutorial I can afford to make.

Ouch. Indeed.

Let’s make a list of accessible blockchain nodes to launch on Threefold and then we can make tutorials.
Videos + picture-guides.

This could work. What do you think?

I’m onboard, just let me know what yea need

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Would be happy to join.

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OK I think I’ll just make a new post with a list of blockchain nodes that can be launched on Threefold and let people add their ideas, etc.

Then we can do the tutorials et al.