Tokenomics & Regional Internet Community Call Details

Hi all!

If you have been following closely, you know we have an upcoming call arriving on November 10th! @kristof & @Sacha will be our hosts, guiding us through the topics of Tokenomics & Regional Internet, here to share insights and answer questions you may have.

Call Details
When: Thursday November 10th, 18:00-19:00 CET (12:00-13:00 EDT)
Where: Community Call Zoom Link

If you have any burning questions you would like to be covered, please reply to this post or ask them during the call itself!

When joining, we encourage you to turn on your webcams and actively participate to make the call more interactive! For anyone unable to join live, the call will be recorded and shared shortly.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

This call is part of a series of detailed calls in which we aim to go deeper into different specific areas of the ThreeFold project. The recordings of the last calls may be found here: General Updates; Grid Utilization. The following editions will be announced in due time, so stay posted!


I think that we could start with basics like:

  • Where are tokens from? Are all of them a result from given capacity to the grid? CU, SU, MRU etc…?
  • explain every element of tokenomics, why it’s important to whole project?
  • what does it mean we burn 35% tokens. Does it mean farmers get 35% less from minting?
  • how many tokens were minted last month?
  • Maybe instead of burning 35% we could put some percents into marketing? Maybe even 1% could be enough for now?
    Sorry for my bad English :sweat_smile:
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Looking forward!!! See you online!! :ok_woman:

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Current market cap?
Top10 know wallets (or al least TF foundation) holdings in % of total?
Status and amount of vested tokens with realise date and purpose?
Status of other project with significant efect on tokenometrics (like INCA)?